Service Plans

Every year, we repair hundreds of customers' home comfort systems because of maintenance neglect. These repairs can range from $100 to $1500. To save on utility bills and service calls, we urge you to take a preventive approach to heating and cooling. Regularly inspected and maintained equipment will function more efficiently, last longer, and save you money!

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Quick Start Plan

It is better to do something than nothing at all and that is why we offer our “Quick Start Plan”. This plan cleans and checks your comfort system from the effects of dirt build-up and restores your comfort system to peak operating performance. A quick start plan is one heat service or one cooling service, depending on the season.

Continued Maintenance Plan

Just as your car needs regular maintenance to protect its parts, so does your home comfort system. Continued bi-annual maintenance performs specific heating and cooling-side procedures that protect your home comforts systems refrigerant and mechanical components. These procedures extend the life of your equipment and reduce system operating cost. These savings pay back your investment in a “Continued Maintenance Plan. You’ll receive:

  • A 20-Point Inspection and Tune-up Service (twice annually)
  • 15% off Repair Parts

Extended Coverage Plan

This plan eliminates most risks from unexpected breakdowns. This plan is designed for the most risk adverse customer. Not only does this plan perform the critical maintenance to protect your home comfort system, it provides no-charge repairs for select parts and no-charge on one service call per program year. You’ll receive:

  • 20-Point Inspection and Tune-up Service (twice annually)
  • Our “No Cost Guarantee” Emergency Breakdown Service Call
  • Priority Customer Status

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